Monday, September 12, 2011


Last week, I treated myself to this beautiful piece of artwork by Helena Nelson Reed.  I saw this years ago in a calendar and saved the page.  I was overjoyed to find a canvas of it on Etsy!  Acccording to Reed, the original title of this original watercolor image is "Goddess as Woman, Looking Into Her Past".  It’s about finding feminine aspects of the divine, the Goddess, within ourselves and one another.  Remembering to Respect and Honor Her.

I’m beginning to feel better.  My long, painful summer is coming to a close.  My iron levels are up.  I have new meds that should arrive sometime this week and hopefully, hopefully, bring me additional relief.  School has started and my students are delightful and inspiring.  I’m falling into a pattern on the dreaded French and plugging away at my reading list for my thesis.  I can think again, at least until about 4 p.m., anyway.  I’m seeing colors again, where for many months everything has been grey.

I’m accepting that what’s going on with me medically is a disease – not an illness, not a condition, but I disease.  Something I’m going to have to deal with from now on.  No more blowing off how I feel because I don’t want to admit there’s a problem.  Which also means no more letting how I feel interrupt my life.

It occurred to me the other day, the day I bought this painting, that part of the process of healing, of re-building, is re-imaging my life.  I can fill it with all the colors and swirls and images that I see in the painting.

Sunday, September 4, 2011