Monday, October 10, 2011

Freya Necklace

 Nothing subtle about this necklace except the colors. The Norse Goddess Freya is known as the goddess of love and magick. She is also associated with the birch tree. To me, Freya represents the strong, independent woman - one that follows her dreams and loves with her whole heart. 

Scandinavian myth tells the story of the Goddess Freya.  Her search for knowledge brought her to a secret cave, which was home to four dwarves.  These dwarves were master craftsmen, each keeper of the sacred mysteries associated with their elemental names.
East honored Air, element of new beginnings, of thought and inspiration.
South held sacred the Fire of transformation, of passion.
West represented Water, the cauldron of rebirth, the tides of emotion.
North, guardian of Earth, brought forth stability, protection and the ability to withstand anything.
With these dwarves, Freya shared her wisdom of love, the greatest mystery.  In honor of this, the dwarves created a magickal necklace, “the Brisingamen”, as a gift to the Goddess.

This necklace has a 4" print of "Freya" under beveled glass mirrored by a piece of birch bark under glass, surrounded by seed pearls and seed bead embroidery. Neckpiece is made up of 3 strands: large pearls, beach glass and smoky quartz, and gorgeous lampwork from gubbyrooglass. 16" in length.

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