Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finding Balance

I had a productive week, jewelry-wise.  Several new creations have been added to Etsy.  Here is one of my all-time favorites, the Field of Dragonflies.

Last night, I laid out and glued a bunch of new designs and organized my work drawer.  Some are really simple pieces, some more elaborate.  I've got several pieces planned around the art glass cabs I've been putting together.  So far, all of my Etsy sales have come from art glass pieces.  By setting up what I plan to work on during the week, I don't have to think about it when my brain is so clouded up with school responsibilities.  And, since I'm headed into a marathon two week research/writing mode, this is really important. 

I'm so much happier when I'm doing something creative.  I love teaching and researching and writing.  I'm excited to work on my thesis topic (Women's History Month) but I need that shift in creativity in the evening, when I can work with color and play with beads.  Ahh, balance.

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