Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Challenge

I admit it.  I am not a fan of winter.  Too cold, too much white stuff on the ground - just makes me want to hide out until things bloom again.  And, most of all, I hate wearing a coat.  Bleh.

But, I admit, watching the snow fall from inside my cozy house, knowing I don't have to fight the icy roads, well, that gives me a certain sense of joy.  There's a quiet that comes over my neighborhood that's so pleasant.  And the white carpet that develops over the resting gardens in broken only by flashes of green from the pine tree and my hellebore plants.  Gorgeous.  These are the first flowers to bloom in the spring, even before the crocuses.

So when the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild decided on a theme of "Winter" for its first team challenge, I set out to create a necklace that would have the same feel as hellebores in snow.  Here's what I came up with:

May you enjoy the best of what winter has to offer.  (And may it not snow until February!)


  1. What a lovely piece Skylar! The necklace has such amazing texture, makes me want to pet it!

  2. beautiful, picturing a winter wedding!