Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Dentist

Or should I just call this post, "Fear"? 

I have a long history with the dentist.  I was born with a cleft palate, which screwed up my teeth, speech and hearing.  As a teenager, I went to the orthodontist weekly.  Dr. Satan Reinstein - horrible man.  Really.  He had no compassion at all.  I think (I know) he was happy to use his dental tools to inflict pain.  And his treatments didn't work.  View the current state of my mouth and my crowded, misplaced teeth.

Today, I go to have a front tooth pulled and replaced.  BIG sigh.  I admit it.  I'm scared.  Even though my current dentist is kind and compassionate and very gentle.  And listens to me when I tell him that I need kids-sized instruments used on my mouth.  The last time this tooth was worked on (20 years ago), it crumbled and had to be rebuilt.  I don't want that to happen today.

I want simple and pain-free.  And kindness.  Above all, gentleness and kindness.

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