Friday, January 20, 2012

Desert Priestess

While I lived in Vegas, I spent a great deal of time at the Sekhmet Temple, in Cactus Springs.  This oasis in the desert both formed my life and saved my life.  Last night, I enjoyed Priestess Anne Key's memoir of her time at the Temple, "Desert Priestess."  I see how the work I do in Gender & Women's Studies continues what I learned as a priestess - giving women (and men) the tools to empower themselves.  Even my jewelry is an expression of this...

It was nice to read about old friends - I could almost smell Patricia's little cigars and hear Corbin laugh like a little kid because I could figure out the mess he'd made of his beadweaving repair.  I miss the  smell of the desert.  And the sunsets.  And, the stars.  Mostly, I miss the hot desert wind.  And my Desert Moon family.  

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