Thursday, January 12, 2012

Work in Progress

I like to set up a bunch of beadwork projects at once.  Typically, when I can't fit any more new treasures in my bead bin, I take a day for set up.  This involves moving a bunch of cabochons and beads around on my bead table, until things click together.  Sometimes, the connection is made through color.  Sometimes, there's a story I want to tell through the beads.  Sometimes, I see an image in my head that I want to recreate. 

Once I have a bunch of designs that I like, I begin to match patterns to the design.  After tracing the patterns onto felt, I begin to glue pieces.  I have a pretty good sense of spatial design, so I rarely measure placements.

This is very different from how I approach my school work.  In my studies, I'm fairly methodical.  Get the idea, gather the data, do the research, compile the bibliography, write the first draft, edit, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite - all within the parameters of my discipline. 

Maybe that's why I love bead embroidery so much.  It sets my creativity free.  I can even color outside the lines, if I choose.  I don't have to follow a pattern.  Love that.

Wonder what these templates will look like in a few months...


  1. Hi Skylar: Love how you set things up to create. It's also fun seeing my resin pendant as part of your display. Would love to see what it looks like when you are finished.
    Terri Wlaschin

    1. Terri -
      I'll be sure to send you a picture! I love your new work. And your destashes :)