Sunday, February 5, 2012

Garden of (Swarvorski) Delight

Sometimes, I just have a vague idea for a piece of beadwork.
With this piece, I just had a basic layout - wavy edges, several cabs and the gorgeous dragonfly stamping. 

I was stumped on what to do until I remembered my new collection of swarvorksi crystals.  I'd resisted these crystals for many years - too expensive.  Now, I'm hooked!  They added just what this necklace needed.  A little bit of color and some sparkle. 

Then, I found a yellow lampwork bell flower in my stash (from HannahRachel) and received some lampwork lentils from PearlyK in the mail.  Now, the necklace had a life of its own.  And I longed to get outside and dig in my garden.

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