Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have been absolutely stumped re: what to do with my Bead Soup ingredients.  (Here's a reminder of the beautiful goodies sent by my partner, Theresa.)

I did get a basic pattern down, but then... nothing.  The piece just wasn't making my heart sing.  For 10 days, I was just blocked.  Didn't do any beading, just moved things around on my bead table.

Yesterday, I put some supplied away and there it was - the component I needed to pull everything together!  Now,  I love the design.  And I think it will be a perfect 75th birthday present for the Mama.

I'll finish it up  today.  After, of course, I lesson plan for the week and grade papers.  (Bleh.)  Can't wait to show you!

The big Bead Shop blog reveal is on March 5th!  Be sure to check back then.  I'll also have a link to everyone else's creations!

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