Saturday, February 11, 2012

Studio Space

Most people have living  rooms.  I have a studio. 

 There's lots of great artwork on the walls.  And bright green paint.  And antiques.  But mostly, beads.  Lots of beads.
 There's a little bit of variety - some paint, lots of dust.
 And a blanket for the dog to lay on, since we got rid of the couch and she no longer has a place to snuggle when friends come over to bead or visit.
This is J's collection.  Note: much more organized and neat and dusted.  Of course, the picture was taken right after we put up the shelf.  (Who am I kidding?  This shelf will always look like this...sigh.)  J has her picture of the gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin to watch over her beads, pensively waiting for her to return to her chair. 

Someday, I'll have a room I can devote to beads.  Actually, I guess I already do.

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