Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

But this one thought stands, never goes - if I might but be one of those born in the future; then, perhaps, to be born a woman will not be to be born branded - Olive Schreiner

With its socialist roots, International Women's Day has become an annual moment to reflect on the progress of women's rights.  Many women's groups use the day to draw attention to issues faced by women or to gather for celebrations/commemorations.  In some countries (Russia, Brazil, Poland for example), women are given flowers.  Kind of like a pseudo Mother's Day. 

As a scholar, I'm very interested in women's communities - how these become sources of empowerment and motivations for change.  When I begin my PhD studies next fall, International Women's Day will be the focus of my dissertation.  In my MA thesis, I'm researching Women's History Month.  I'm continually amazed at the impact that a small group of women (MA graduate students!) had on the lives of countless people!  I can only imagine how inspired I'll be at a global effort.

So today - celebrate women!  Our strength and courage and resilience and laughter and...

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