Monday, April 2, 2012

Gypsy Booth

Okay.  I've never been known for my subtlety.  I like color and pattern and sparkle, the more the merrier.

I was happy with how the booth set up this past weekend at the Spring into Wings show (sans the hockey pics and Kalamazoo poster.)  I've collected saris over the years and used these in the displays.  I wanted lots of layers.  With 20 feet of display space, I think it looks a bit thin, but the basics are there.
I also pulled some wire dress form frames that typically spend the summer in the garden.  These worked really well, adding some needed height.
The best bead purchase I've ever made was my bead storage box.  So easy to transport jewelry.  And the trays do double duty during shows.  See the lovely felt basket?  Yummy!
I also cleaned Michael's out of their $3 black velvet props.  Love that these fold down flat for storage!
And of course, there's Miss Happy Face Lucy.  Always cheerful.  Always peppy.
All in all, not a bad show.  Not a huge moneymaker.  But lots of contacts were made.  People are interested in classes, which would be fun to do this summer when I'm not so crazy from school.  Maybe, we'll take this show on the road during the holiday season.


  1. Nice setup, with some gorgeous pieces!

    How cool that you have people interested in classes. I'd never thought of shows as a place to meet potential students, but it makes sense. :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah. It was fun to be vending again. Despite the low sales, I didn't walk away saying, "Never again." I think the possibility of doing some classes helped with that. I hope it works out.

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