Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Isn't she beautiful?
My long-time friend Ronnie Fabre sent me this photo of her Nana, circa 1917, to make into a keepsake necklace.
One for Ronnie and one for her sister.
Such a honor to work on these!
  Ronnie wanted the beadwork really simply done.  I think her chosen color scheme fits the piece just beautifully, soft and elegant, but with enough sparkle to attract attention. So Ronnie!  I asked for some information about Nana.  I'll share this when I get the details.
Update: Here's the details, as sent by Ronnie.

Florence Woelfle, was born in New York in 1899.  She married “PopPop,” a French immigrant.  They lived in Lynbrook, NY, raising four children.  Florence was a millinery model, while PopPop worked his way up the hotel ranks, from bellboy to manager of two of NYC’s biggest hotels, the McAlpine and the Belmont.  PopPop also managed the FountainBleu in Miami for a year.
            Florence moved to California after PopPop died to be near her daughters.  She frequently visited Ronnie and Steve in Las Vegas during the 1970s and 80s, enjoying their gigs on the Strip.  Ronnie says:  Nana was always the hit of the show.  She would offer to fill in for the performers.  At 78, she offered to take the place of one of the girls in the “Pin Ups, 2001” show.  J  Nana was a darling soul, and I loved her so much!”
            Known for her banana bread, rice pudding, and love, Florence passed on October 26, 1982.  She is still missed.  She gave and received so much love…

 I love the idea of using artwork under glass bevels as focal pieces.  I've been doing this for about 3 years now, finally working only with stained glass bevels as the medium.  I like the weight of the bevels - not too heavy but not too light to be overpowered by the beadwork.  The sizing is always consistent, which makes it easier to edit the artwork.  
Now, I can print out whatever images I like and use these for focals.  Very versatile.
And, as a keepsake, I can't think of anyone more beautiful to wear close to a heart.  Enjoy, Ron!

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  1. A beautiful lady, and a wonderful necklace. :)

    Using stained glass bevels is such a cool, clever idea! You don't have to give away your secret if you don't want to, but I'd love to know what you use to adhere the artwork to the glass -- I have a lot of abstract paintings I've made that would make cool focals.

    Also, I answered your question about the Bead and Button Show in the most recent blog post! If you have any other questions, let me know. :)