Sunday, April 8, 2012


Rocks!  This must be said loudly, with kind of a whiny and nasally twang whenever a rock shop comes into view.

My love for rocks was why I started making beaded jewelry.  I love gemstones - all gemstones.  I love the colors.  The weight of them.  The meaning behind them.  The way they almost seem to talk to me when I work with them. 

Every season, I seem to find a new favorite. Maybe this is due to whatever I am trying to deal with or draw into my life at the time.  Or based on a color that I'm attuning myself to.

This winter, my favorite gemstones were Smoky Quartz
and citrine.  Sigh.
Smoky quartz is a good gemstone to use if you need to be grounded or seek calmness.  Makes sense.  This winter I was balancing thesis writing with teaching with expanding my jewelry techniques.

Citrine is a stone that opens the mind to new possibilities.  Yep.  I sure needed this.  And, since citrine is a form of quartz, it also balances the mind, body and spirit.

Amethyst is another long-time favorite.  Really, who doesn't love this purple stone.
If you want to increase your awareness of your intuition, amethyst is your stone.  Magically, if you want to release something - an old memory, a grudge, a self-doubt, take an amethyst that fits nicely in your hand, carry it with you for at least 72 hours, handling the stone whenever you think of what you want to release.  Then,when you're ready, go out into nature - preferably somewhere where you don't spend a lot of time.  Running water is good or a remote field/desert.  Throw the amethyst as far as you can, visualizing the energy/memory/grudge/etc. being released.  Say good-bye and walk away.  Don't look back.

This works.  And someday, in some far off time, someone will find all the amethysts I chucked into the desert by Lake Mead.  (This thought makes me smile.)

Peridot helps move you past the hurt.  Plus it's such a lovely, luminous green.  Always makes me think of a lime Popsicle.
But my favorite gemstone, for many many years, has always been rhodochrosite.  Oh, yum.  This stone has a high copper content.  So high, that if I hold it too tightly for too long, I shatter it.  Even when I hold my hand flat, the gemstone makes me jumpy.  If I need the energy boost, that's great.  But, if not, I get the shakes.
It's not the pink that attracts me.  It's the spirals and waves of energy.  Rhodochrosite is also great for creative energy.  It's just juicy.  And I want it all.  Mine, mine, mine.  It it weren't so expensive, I'd put a piece in every jewelry creation.


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  2. I love rocks, too. I make incoherent squealing noises when I find a rock shop. :)

    Amethyst really is beautiful, especially in a rough form! All those little crystals. I also love Botswana agate and can't stop collecting it.

    1. I'll have to look at Botswana agate. I know the colors that are being added to different agates is just amazing. Have you seen the dyed crazy lace agates - purple, pinks, greens = yummy!

  3. I have not heard of Rhodochrosite before but it looks like a gorgeous stone. I love labradorite and rose quartz as well as amethyst. I guess I just love stones... there is something really comforting and satisfying when playing with the stones.
    Regards from Western Canada,

    1. Agreed. The stones just change everything for me. On the rare occasion I get bored with beads, the stones pull me back in.

  4. I have amassed quite a collection myself, I just can't help myself.

    1. I believe one can never have too many :)