Sunday, May 6, 2012


Linsart is one of my favorite Etsy artists.  Her faces are just divine - full of expression and life.  Each face seems to have a story all its own.

I chose this moon face for its gentleness.  She's so at peace, reflexive.  She looks like she's thinking happy thoughts.
I added a glass moon that I picked up at the stained glass store and finished the piece off with turquoise seed beads and turquoise beads.  I think the subtle effect is nice.  Makes me think of pleasant evenings with friends under a full moon.
Linsart has selected me as her featured artist for the month of May.  Check out her blog and Etsy page if you get the chance.  Thanks, Linda!  I so look forward to making more necklaces with your lovely work!


  1. Skylar, Thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog. Your work is amazing ! Best to you.
    linsart on Etsy

  2. What a gorgeous piece! You're right, that face is very serene.

    I'm loving the glass moon, too. What a clever idea! Makes me want to run to the glass shop in town and see what little treasures I can find. Oh, I can hear my wallet groaning in protest. ;)

  3. Hi Skylar, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and you are welcome ! I love what you did with the Polymer Clay moon face on this necklace ! Wonderful bead work. It is always good to deal with you ! Best to you.