Tuesday, May 29, 2012


"Accidents and inspiration, lead you to your destination."
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
Transformation is one of those funny things that you're not aware of until you are part way through the process.  And then it's frustrating 'cause you still may not know where you're going.

From the time I was 8, I've said I wanted to be a writer.  Learning how to write better is one of the reasons I went back to school.  Little did I know that school writing was going to be all about writing what other people wanted me to write, leaving little time and energy to write from my heart.

Academic writing has its value, don't get me wrong.  It's taught me how difficult writing is.  Hard fricking work.  And all about the scheduling and balancing different assignments.  But my creativity has become very limited because it seems like all I do is worry about time.

Turning 50 probably doesn't help.  :)

Last night, I finished a wonderful book that helped to put things in a better perspective: "The Butterfly's Daughter" by Mary Alice Monroe.  Heartfelt tale of mothers and daughters and the amazing cycle of the monarch butterfly's life.  Just lovely.  The kind of book I want to write.  Will write.  Soon.  I have the research skills, thanks to academia.  I have the writing chops, thanks to life-long practice.  I have the will to carve out time.

Transformation = not supposed to be easy or quick.
Butterfly Queen, 2008


  1. Beautiful necklace! I love butterflies. :)

    I found the same thing, that academic writing didn't leave enough room for creativity. One thing that helped me get past some of that was the book Writing Down The Bones. But mostly, scribbling down whatever came into my head was what got me going. There's a lot to be said for stream-of-consciousness!

  2. "The Butterfly's Daughter" by Mary Alice Monroe.