Monday, June 4, 2012

Color as Inspiration

swirls together shades of green, a  faint purple, yellow light, and white.  Lovely.

highlights shade and subtle changes.

The necklaces I'd create with these two pictures would be completely different, using different seed beads and accent beads.  Inspired by the first picture, the necklace I would make would be very simple.  I'd let the picture tell the story.  The necklace I'd create using the second picture would be much more funky, playing up the shapes of the petals, using sharper angles and a bolder color combination of deep purple, a touch of white or silver to accent, maybe a drop of emerald green.

The cropping of a photo determines its character.  This:
becomes this:
becomes this:
Oh, yeah!  I see future necklaces here.

What inspires you?

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