Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dicro Dance

I saw these dichroic scrap pieces during an Etsy search and immediately pictured a stained glass necklace.  I loved the funky shapes and bright colors and the glitter - oh, the glitter!  So, I contacted Teri from  Frog Hollow Glass and two days later had a bunch of pieces to play with.

Here's my first necklace made with these pieces.  And it definitely won't be the last!
I love how the big cats eye beads compliment the dicro pieces.  I've had these cats eye beads for years!  Proof once again that you must buy what you love when you see it.  Someday, you'll use it.
I actually don't think this piece does the dicro justice.  Needs to be MUCH more funky and colorful.
Next time. 


  1. Wow, that's an awesome necklace!! I'm really excited about the glass pieces, too -- this makes me want to sign up for the glass fusing class where I live and see if I can do some of those. :)

  2. Very pretty, I love the glass.

  3. Definitely worth looking at Teri's glass pieces. I've been so inspired. Now, I need to get a kiln to do some dicro pieces. A kiln or a new bed - hmmmm...