Sunday, June 17, 2012


Needing a bit of encouragement lately.  Okay, a lot of encouragement.  This video does the trick, from
Enjoy.  I did.


  1. Oh, I liked that video! He seems like a cool person.

    Sounds like you're going through a rough patch! If you feel like talking more about it, feel free to email me. I bet I could find some other videos/articles/whatnot that would help. Or, failing that, cute animal videos!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I'm okay, really. Just very very very ready to work on my own projects instead of everyone else's. I know this comes with school, but ugh. I'm also not teaching this summer, which is what feeds me emotionally and spiritually throughout the rest of the year.
    One more week of drudgery and then I'll have more time for Skylar projects!