Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Celebration

I love this necklace.
Once in awhile, I make a necklace that I fall in love with.  This piece is probably one of my top five of all the necklaces I've ever made.  Maybe top 10.
Usually, I work from the focal piece out, letting my focal dictate the shape of the piece.  With this necklace, I started with a template and filled in the blanks.  The Alphonse Mucha print, Fall, from his season's quartet, is one of my favorites.  Mucha's work is just so sensuous, so powerful and graphic.  Plus, he drew/painted women with curves.  Real women.
The shape of the template requires an asymmetrical placement of the cats eye cabs.  Love the vibrancy of these colors.  I also knew I wanted to use some of the picasso colored leaves I've been hoarding forever along with gold drops.  I like the scattered effect of the leaves.
I used 8mm unakite beads for the neckpiece, 3 strands on one side and one on the other.  It's tricky to get the multiple strands to lay right, but I think I accomplished this.  I like the effect.
I also love when my rows turn out nice and straight.  :)  I think, after twenty years, I might be getting the hang of this.

Usually, once I've finished a piece, I don't remember making it.  It's all about the process for me - letting the stones and the beads and the artwork "talk."  Maybe I enjoy this piece because I played with different materials.  Maybe it's the Mucha influence.  But this necklace just works for me.  This one, I'd call art.

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