Monday, June 11, 2012

Jaynee's Butterflies

Can you believe she's only been bead embroidery-ing for six months?
Blue Dreams Butterfly
Pink Blush Butterfly
My roommate, Jaynee, has watched me bead for years.  And, enjoyed lots of beady gifts.  She has a whole rack of BrisingBeads jewelry.  I'd offered to teach her embroidery many times, knowing what a talented and creative artist she is.  Her excuse was that she couldn't see the tiny beads.

Ha!  That's what good light is for.
These two pieces are full of teeny tiny size 15 seed beads.  
I don't think there's anything wrong with Jaynee's eyesight.
 The proof is in the detail.
So, now, our house revolves around beads.  Jaynee has quite the collection of druzy cabs that she's been featuring in her work.  I love how these become the body of the butterfly.  And how well the druzy plays off the sparkle of crystals.  Her color choices are so different from mine; it's nice to have this interplay.

What a wonderful life, the life that's full of beads.


  1. Hurray, another convert to bead embroidery!

    How cool that she's only been doing it for six months -- we started around the same time, then. Jaynee does beautiful work. :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I'll pass on your compliment to Jaynee. Isn't it wonderful to find a new passion? I love how you combine embroidery with sequins!