Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I've Learned About Beading along the Way

What I've learned about Beading along the way:

1. Some necklaces are "dammit" necklaces from the very moment you put needle to thread.  "Dammit" when the needles breaks going through fringe.  "Dammit" when you get glue all over a wayward cabochon.  "Dammit" when you skip a bead.  Again.  After pulling the thread through three times.  Grrr.

2.  Some custom order customers will never be satisfied.  Period.  Even if you gave them the piece for free.

3.  When you see a bead or focal you like, buy it!  You'll use it.  Some day.  Maybe.  Life is too short to have bead regrets.  That pending bill?  It'll wait.

4.  Bead people are the best people on the planet.  Ever been to a busy bead store, one where there's a really good sale?  Or a bead show, with all those goodies?  Beaders are so polite.  No one pushes you out of the way.  Or grumbles about waiting.  Or grabs things out of your hand (no matter how much they might want to!)  And bead people are generous - with their time, with their charity, with their encouragement, with their excitement for other people's success.  Bead people = my kind of people.

5.  Patience.  (Although the only line I can happily wait in is a bead-purchasing line.  Still.)

6.  Beading is a process.  Sometimes, I can see the piece in my head before I start.  Sometimes, I can replicate what I see.  Sometimes, I can't.  Sometimes I'm winging it and have to go through the "this sucks eggs and is the ugliest thing I've ever made" phase to appreciate what I'm working on.  Sometimes, I still don't like it and it ends up in the "tear apart" drawer.

7.  My creativity is unlimited.  In 20 years, I've only done one necklace the same, and this was on purpose.  (And even then, I changed the placement of the charm.)  Ideas for necklaces are never in short supply.  Time is.

8.  Even if you don't think the colors work together, try it.  An unexpected color combination can bring life into a piece.

9.  Look to Mother Nature for inspiration.  Now there's some unlimited creativity!

10.  One can never have too many beads.  Honest.  No such thing as too much. 

11.  I am very very very blessed to have a great backstock of supplies right now.  It's wonderful to be able to go to my shelves and find what I'm looking for.  But I always feel like this, no matter what or how much stuff I have on my shelves. 

12.  Thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales are great art sources.  Both for "stuff" and for ideas.

13.  Having a piece of my jewelry find its home is the bestest feeling!  Whether it's a purchase or a gift - doesn't matter.

14.  Keep your receipts organized.  Even if all you use them for is to tally up how much you spent on beads during the year.  Organized!  (I have a bin that I put all receipts in throughout the year, then spend a day early in tax season to organize expenditures by month.  Easy to take the pile and put it in a plastic bag for storage when I'm done, along with all my other tax documents.)

15.  Seed beads are the key to the universe.  Well, my universe.  The color.  The sparkle.  The matte.  The diversity.

16.  Building a business takes time, more time than money.  And creativity.  But in having a bead/jewelry business, I get to define what this looks and acts like.  This is important to me.  I'm so glad that beads are a part of my life.

What have you learned by following your passion?

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  1. Really good points! I'm partial to number 10, especially, since I'm going to a new bead store (new to me) in Chicago next month. :)

    One thing I've learned is that there's always something new to learn! Another technique, another stitch, another weave. It's impossible to be bored with beading or jewelry making as a whole.