Monday, August 20, 2012

Crystals Galore

As promised, my crystal trove from Dallas.  Whew.  So much sparkly.  So little time.
I know that Chinese crystals often gets (and sometimes deserves) a bad reputation.  These drops, actually all these crystals, are a wonderful exception.  Great weight, even better sparkle.  The photo of these drops doesn't accurately show their brilliance.  So stunning.  They were on a wall display just as I headed to check out.  I knew I was already over my budget, but at $7 for a strand of 100 drops, I couldn't resist.  Ended up with 3 strands.  :)  Budget, be damned. 

I have no idea what I'll do with these cubes.  But, again, stunning sparkle.  And at $3 a 16" strand, a steal.

Butterflies!  I've had an idea dancing around my head for a butterfly necklace for about a year.  Now I have the butterflies to make it.  And can you believe - $4 a strand?

Odd shaped crystals.  Lovely purple/blues and green/pinks.  Sigh.  $4 a strand.  And to think, I've paid 5 times that much for the same beads at a jewelry show.  And thought THAT was a good price.

20 mm pink rondelles.  Gorgeous soft pink.  $3.  I should have gotten more of these...

MATTE crystals!  Oh, matte - I love you.  I've never seen matte crystals before.  Subtle. Beautiful.

And finally, a crystal rainbow.  I think I ended up with 64 strands of 4mm rounds and bicones.  Breaks down to $1.67 a strand.  Many more colors available but I bought quantity over color.  I'm determined to learn to make some Right Angle Weave bracelets.  I will figure out that pattern, darn it! 
So I came home and rearranged all of my bead boxes, separating out the crystal from the gemstones and the czech glass.  I was under the impression that crystal was a new obsession.  Ha!  Going through my bead stash quickly proved me wrong.  I'll been liking the shiny for quite awhile. I have my swarvoskis, stashed away in separate boxes, casue let's face it, those little treasures are much more expensive than chinese crystal.  But really, I don't see much difference.  Both are equally shiny,  well made and useful for bead embroidery accents.  And when doing beadweaving, I'm sticking to the affordability of the chinese.

I'm sure I'll be ordering from May's Beads and Bead on Beads online.


  1. Oh, girl, this is excellent bead porn -- they are all so beautiful, especially the pink rondelles. Yum!

  2. Would you look at that HAUL! O.O

    I've only worked with crystals here and there, but nothing compared to THESE!

    They're all gorgeous :)

  3. Ohhh, pretty!!! I love those Chinese crystal beads so much, and I had no idea they came in matte. *Drools.*