Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fifty for 50

In May, I celebrated my 50th birthday.  I think I'm over the shock now, a few months later.  I get that I'm not going to die.  That I still don't feel my age.  Except last Tuesday.  I felt 50 then, with my backache and inability to breathe a deep breath.  Ugh.

Most of the time, as a 50 year old, I feel very very grateful for where I am in my life.  My first five decades were very interesting.  I've lived in interesting places and done even more interesting things.  I have lots of good stories and memories and the accrued wisdom that comes with them.  I am blessed with dear friends, all over the US. 

I am especially blessed with a myriad of special women in my life. Women that amaze me and inspire me, that challenge me and teach me.  Women that I laugh with and cry with, some that I can even get mad at and then get over it with.

When I knew I was headed towards 50, I wanted to find a way to honor the women in my life.  I didn't have the money to fly everyone to a fancy retreat, ala Oprah.  But I did have lots of beads.  And lots of creativity.  And lots of love for my beloveds.  So I decided to make fifty necklaces for 50 women.

It's taking longer than I expected.  Mostly because I want each piece to be special, representative of the place she may have in my life.  Or, the piece needs to be one that she claims for herself. 

Like this one.
My dear friend Lisa is a high school art teacher.  Lisa also does energy work that lights up a life.  I met Lisa years ago, while living in Las Vegas.  On Sundays, Lisa would open up her studio to a small group of women so that we could play with different forms of art.  We painted and collaged and talked and laughed.  And I came to see myself as an artist.
I was more than someone who played around with beads.  I was an intuitive woman with a strong sense of color and form, an eye for texture.  On those precious Sundays, I learned to play.  And I learned to trust myself.  A new concept for me, one that transformed my life.
Here's the necklace I sent Lisa.  I love this 1920s photo.  The woman has the same intensity and gentleness as Lisa.  The photo is accented by pale pink coral beads and a vintage smoky quartz earring, with additional smoky quartz beads.  The seed bead embroidery is done in a rich deep brown (like the coffee that is Lisa's true love).

May she wear this necklace in good health.  And may it bring her lots of love and positive energy.  And maybe, remind her of a friend, but definitely mark her as a wondrous teacher.  

Thank you for being a part of my life, Lisa.


  1. What a great way to honor being 50. Your friends are very lucky.

  2. You seriously amaze me! You are such a thoughtful and giving soul and this post just proves it. Not only that, but the necklace you made for your dear friend blows my mind! If it wasn't going to her, I would definitely consider buying it because it's definitely right up my alley :)

    However, I'm sure she's going to love, adore, and treasure her new keepsake. And definitely brag about it cause I know I would!

    1. Hey Kayla - you never know what might show up in the mail. ;)

      And, while I don't remake designs, the nice thing about making my own cabs is that I can do work with any picture. Custom orders welcome!

  3. What a gorgeous necklace! Lisa sounds like an awesome person and teacher. :)

    1. She is. She made me see art in a whole new way.