Friday, August 17, 2012


Nothing is more persistent than a cat in the morning that wants to be fed.  'Cause she's starving.
Rhea.  Here's an example of her pathetic, I'm starving look.
Pathetic quickly turns to annoyed.  Much stomping around the bed ensues.  And body flops, as she falls over from malnutrition.  Then, the bunny kicks start, aimed to wiggle the bed.  Then, climbs on the dresser and starts pushing stuff off - papers, books, the clock, my glasses. 
Brother Rick joins in.  Oh, he may look all sweet and innocent with those big blue eyes.  Ha!  He's got quite the yowl.  And Rick isn't food motivated.  Ricky wants to go outside.  Now.  Always.  (If he didn't jump the fence, he'd get outside more.)
If all else fails, Rhea will rattle the window blinds.  Guaranteed success.


I'm trying to remember this admirable persistence throughout the next week, as I head into my final preparation for my History MA exam.  I've studied, I've made flash cards (I have to remember the names of 25 or so authors and book titles), and I'm writing out answers to practice questions.  Three subjects, three questions, three hours. Pass this and I'm rewarded with three more years (at least) of study for my PhD.

Persistence also helps when doing beadwork.  I'm already planning a big December holiday sale.  And have at least one large show to make product for.  Enjoyable, yes.  But success relies on sitting down everyday between now and then, picking up needle and thread.  The reward: good sales, new customers, more beautiful jewelry out into the world, more money to buy beads.  :)

Rhea's reward for rattling the blinds?  Food, of course.  And snuggling with Sparky Dew Two all day.

***It should be noted that this is only half of the pet population at our house.  Samuel, the black velvet brother to Sparky is not pictured.  Neither is Heather, the bossy Westie.  Or Rosy, mama to S & S, who only comes inside for food and to get out of the rain.  And Baby, who we've been feeding for 5 years outside because he's too feral to come closer and who we thought was a female, until Sam was born.

Sigh.  Not crazy here.  Just persistent.


  1. Cute fur family, I too have some fur babies and know just how persistent they can be. A little annoying when they start knocking the beads around. Good luck on your exam!

  2. Aw, look at those beautiful fur babies! They definitely look like they know what they want and how to get it when necessary...Isn't that the way it goes with animals? ^.^

    Good luck on your exam! I do miss school, but definitely not the stress when it comes to tests and mid terms o.O

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