Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shifting Into Autumn

Which means I am entering major production mode!
Here's this weeks projects.  Don't you just love LOVE love that David Christensen glass?  I hoard it.  But it seems the perfect compliment to the glass sun.
I'm a pretty fast embroiderer.  I've been at this awhile.  I've developed a "system."  About 4-5 times a year, I go through my bead bins, pulling out anything that looks like fun to work with.  I put it all on my bead table and move stuff around until pieces click together.  I do pay attention to what I need to add to my stock - if I need glass pieces, or stone cabs, larger collars, collage pieces, smaller pieces.  I look at what colors I need to add, what's sold in the last few months, what colors are "hot," what season is coming up.  I look at European magazines, especially, as trends tend to show up there first.  (Thankfully, big jewelry seems to still be the rage!)

So the designs aren't completely random.  But my "To Do" bin certainly is!
Very organized chaos.
When I've matched up designs, I glue down what needs gluing.  (527 glue - FTW!)  If a complete design shows up in my head, with accent beads and colors - a  vision, really, of what the piece wants to be, I pull those beads out of the bigger stash and put everything in a large plastic baggie.  It's a way to  keep everything together and available, but also acts as a reminder of what I saw in my head.  Most of the time, though, I'm winging it.  (True in life, too.)  And I think this is why I end up with so many different colors and textures in my work.
A glimpse of some textured necklace I still need to edge.  I'll finish these in the next few days.  I may even do fringe (!) on the purple Greek Island one.
While I'm most informed by the beads, I also remember who I'm beading for.  I have a BIG public show the first weekend in December.  Did well at the spring version of this show, selling several large collars and lots of smaller pieces.  Even though it's largely a conservative crowd, the pieces that sold in the spring were pretty wild.  I'm aiming for repeat customers and expanding into the conservative market.

I also had several nice sales on Etsy during the holiday season last year.  So I want a fully stocked site, with lots of diversity.  And I generally do a decent amount of private sales to a specialized client base.

So I am wildly beading, beading, beading.  Aiming to complete the 30+ designs in my bins so I can start on some of the Dallas stash stuff.  Beading, beading, beading.  

Oh, and school starts in a week!  So then the mantra  will become Study Bead Study Bead Sleep Study Bead.


  1. I'm so impressed with your To-Do bin! I like your system, too.

    I have a WIP bin, but my most important projects somehow end up in my living room, on one of the couches. I think it's because I can forget about a piece if it isn't in my line of sight. ;)

  2. Our house is so small that the living room doubles as the studio. So my bead bins are set up alongside my favorite chair. Handy for beading, and since beadwork is a major source of relaxation, it works. But I get "öut of sight, out of mind." Happens to me a lot with the beads I buy. :)