Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beaded Beautifulness

I know.  I'm really slacking on my blogging lately.  Trying to fall into some sort of pattern now that school's in session.  I have three big assignments to accomplish in the next two weeks, outside of teaching and my own classes.  Once these adventures are complete, I'll be able to breathe.  And think of other things besides the Cold War, Women & Politics, and racism.  Whew.

In the meantime, have you seen this new book from Lark?
Many, many designs of gorgeousness inside.  I'm treating myself to a prolonged viewing, absorbing no more than 20 pages a day.  The pictures are wonderful.  Though I do wish there were more info about the artists... their inspiration for the design, obstacles they might have faced, where they got some of their components.  There's so much more involved in a piece of beaded beauty than the finished product.


  1. Mr. Sequin and I have a copy of this book -- we even had Vanessa Walilko, one of our friends, sign her pages! Which she did with hilarious yearbook-esque sayings like "have a nice summer" and "don't ever change." :)

    I like your idea of more info on the artists. I always love reading about the creative process and would love to know how some of my favorite pieces were made!