Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspired by Color

I've been very into texture lately in my beadwork.  (Well, I was.  Three weeks ago, before school started.  Currently, I'm feeling inspired by exhaustion.)

Here's a few fun pieces, full of texture.
I found these fun tiles while in Dallas.  Great shading.  I thought the mix of mottled matte, shiny glass pearl and semi-shimmery seed beads was perfect.

Then, I did this piece.  Love the color mix!  These yellow pearls mixed with the shiny aqua bugles just make the piece pop.  And seem a perfect compliment to the stunning art centerpiece.
Isn't she fabulous?

Finally, I finished this piece - full of texture, mixing reds and purples, inspired by my love of India - the one place I MUST visit before I die.

 Love the patterns in this, mixing different sizes of seed beads, bugles, cubes, and accented with red velvet czech glass and wire spirals.
This feels so decadent to me.  So luxurious.

So, now that I'm settling into the pattern of school and have gotten some big commitments either completed or manageable, I'm looking forward to my beading time again.

More pattern, please!


  1. Oh, by the way, you should go check out my blog - there's a little surprise for you there ;-)

  2. i found your blog through Bobbie at Beadsong and i am blown away by your artistry! your colors and textures and embellishment take my breath away. Beautiful!

  3. You simply amaze me with the things you create! I honestly can't choose a favorite, they're all too incredible :)

    Good luck with school! I understand how rough that balancing act goes o.O

  4. Oh my gosh, those pieces are gorgeous! I adore the red and purple -- those colors go so well together.

    I'm so happy you're back to beading!

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