Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's football season!

For those of you that didn't know...

As a Gender & Women's Studies teacher and scholar, I always feel slightly guilty for the pleasure I take in watching football.  After all, it's a sport where women aren't allowed (except in the under-funded and under publicized women's leagues that are developing in some areas).  And the culture that surrounds football is not always the healthiest, with its limited expression of masculinity.

Football season is tied up with the excitement of a new school year for me.  New classes, new opportunities to learn.  All those students!  (All those papers to grade :(  )  Maybe I was infected with Buckeye Fever, during my years in Columbus.
Imagine walking around a huge campus with over 60,000 students, 95% of whom are wearing red.  Can't help but be infected. 

Plus, I come from a family that believes in the superiority of U of Michigan (arch-enemy of OSU).  Ugh.  I've never been a believer.  It's a fun rivalry with my brothers, especially the year I served them dinner using OSU plastic silverware.  :)

I should be a Bronco fan, I know.  Actually, I'm watching the team play on tv as I write this, losing badly.  Par for the course.  Not so big on the football is Western Michigan University.  Academics - FTW.
The best part about football?  Great to bead to.  I can listen, looking up when I hear the crowd roar, wait for the replay, and then go back to beading.  Nice.


  1. I'm with you! You just have to remember not to jump up to cheer when the team scores if you have your beads balanced in your lap...