Thursday, September 13, 2012


Usually, TV is background noise for me.  Football while I'm grading.  (No risk to my students here, unless OSU or the Lions do something really dumb.)  Burn Notice reruns while I'm beading.  Because once you've seen one car chase, you've seen them all, right?

The main reason why I'm picky about television is that there are so few shows that portray women as agents of power.  (Check out the Bechdel Test for more info on this.)  Part of my perspective as a feminist is that I want to see women as leads in shows, not revolving around a man, or playing helpless/bimbo/dumb.  You know the type-casting.  Shows that empower rather than minimize = very rare.

Enter 'Sons of Anarchy.' 
Oh, my.  Blood.  Guts.  Way too many car/motorcycle chases.  Female characters that are raped and beaten and disrespected.  Full of stereotypes and misogyny and discriminatory language.  Racist name-calling.  Worse violence.

And fabulous writing and acting.

I've been hooked - and I mean HOOKED - for the past two years.  The writing and acting is just that good.  And in the midst of all the chaos, the female characters remain some of the strongest portrayals of women on tv.  It makes me cringe, every week.  But I love this show.

And now, after J brought home the first two seasons and I've spent the past two weeks watching, I'm hooked on 'The Walking Dead.'  
Equally cringe-worthy.  Creepy.  And laugh-inducing, cause really - Zombies?  But the story  - of an apocalypse, of finding/creating a family in the midst of chaos, of survival against all odds, of questioning life and death.  The destruction of all you know and love and believe and trying to maintain a sense of humanity and sanity amongst all the loss and horror.  Yep.  I'm in.

I'm so in that I don't even bead while watching.  :) 



  1. I watch Burn Notice when I am beading too.

  2. GAH! @ the Season premiere of SoA. Seriously THE most dramatic thing I have ever seen on TV. I'm not sure whether I want to like it or be completely turned off by it, but you can bet I'll be tuned in next week...and every week after. I can't begin to imagine what Sutter will pull out for the finale.

    Definitely no beading during SoA. Or Dexter. Or Shameless. Or Games of Thrones. Or Homeland. That's my list. Pretty extensive for a person who didn't even own a tv for 4 years.