Friday, October 26, 2012

Body Art

I have three tattoos.  One is in honor of my husband.  All three of us present at his death got the same tattoo.  It's a really nice memory of a life-changing event.

I also have a tattoo on each forearm.  Something that reminds me every day of how blessed I am, and that I've made a commitment to a purpose greater than myself. 

On my left arm, I have "destiny."  On my right, "free will."  I wore bracelets with these words for several years before I got the tats.  I think of it this way.  In palmistry, one's non-dominate hand shows what you've been given at birth, what your destiny is.  Your dominate hand shows what you've done with our destiny.  I think of this as making use of my free will.

So I have this flow going - energy comes in and energy flows out.  Having the tattoos keeps me conscious of this every day.
A Leap of Faith - Jane Evershed
I love the symbolism.  Plus, I love words.  

Lately, I've been thinking of another tattoo.  I'd love to get a wren in a lilac bush on my left shoulder.  Reminds me of my maternal Grandma and of spring, new beginnings connected to fond memories.  And, I'd love to get a tattoo to honor my education - a tree of knowledge with the school symbols of my alma maters hiding in the leaves.  My back would be perfect for this.  But it'd probably end up on my leg, since I like seeing my tattoos.

something like this Klimt clip.  Love the spirals.
But this will be my next tat, on my left wrist.
joy can whisper.