Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Arrange whatever pieces come your way.
Virginia Woolf

Okay.  I'm sure that Virginia Woolf wasn't thinking of art show props when she said the above, but it's front and center on my mind right now.  

I love an eclectic look for the jewelry booth.  Lots of layers and textures.  Funky displays.  I'm going for that bohemian look.  It's an expression of who I am - as a person and as an artist.

So I spent an afternoon exploring the local thrift stores and scored, big time.  The wooden display with the shelves will be great for bead embroidery bracelets and brooches.  It turns.  I think I'll either leave it plain or maybe add some gold and purple layers, to spice it up.  I'm thinking the red basket and the silver basket will work well for earring displays.  Bonus - I need a new wastebasket and the silver one is the perfect size.  
The wooden shelf in the front of the picture will be a great necklace display.  Might need to mark a few notches so that jewelry doesn't slide down, but I like the simplicity of using these.  Plus, there were tons of these shelves in the thrift store, most under $2.  The wooden jewelry box is also pretty cool.  Instead of drawers pulling out, they swivel to the side.  Another great display option for bracelets.  I'm thinking I'll put my pearl bracelets here.

The wire racks add some height.  Not sure I'll use these.  A bit modern for my taste, actually.  But I like having them around for an option.  Or to use at a second show.  I have three wire mannequins that I will most likely use.  Love them and they fit well with my current display.
Best of all, the business has a new banner.  So excited to display this.  It's a wonderful mix of my work and Jaynee's.  I think it illustrates what we create wonderfully.
What do you use for props?  Any ideas I can steal/borrow?


  1. My favorite is your wire mannequins. I have no idea what type of metal the modern piece is, but I was wondering, if it was cheap enough not to matter, what about putting some bends in the circles? I think that may change the 'modern' feel of it. I haven't done any shows, so I have no tips for you, other than maybe checking the cigar shops too. You can get really nice wooden boxes from them. If you leave them outside a couple of days, the tobacco smell is gone. I've left a few plain, and painted a few as well.

  2. What great ideas, Shirley! I love the idea of cigar boxes. I like to collage, too, and these would be fun to play with. I'm going to try to manipulate that modern wire rack. It's got good height, but needs softer lines.
    So helpful to see through someone else eyes!

  3. One thing that Mr. Sequin does, that I love, is he turns old hanging picture frames into displays by putting pegboard or plastic window screen in them. We're using one as a display in our show in December.

    And this is more for a studio than a fair, but I love test tube holders for holding my seed beads. They're a perfect fit!

    I love the wire mannequin! And that you dressed it up -- that adds a really nice touch. :)

  4. Wow! I want to shop where you shop! Can't wait to see the whole thing set please!