Friday, November 2, 2012

Bead Soup Party

It's a party!

In honor of the release of Lori Anderson's new book "Bead Soup," Kalmbach Books connected bead stores throughout the country with beaders.  I received a bead soup from Wicks and Stones in Wyandotte, MI.  Here's my lovely soup:
Don't you just love the colors: a mix of reds and oranges, yellows and turquoise, set off by copper.  And the focal is so simple, yet so funky.  It reminded me of something that would have been dug up from an ancient archeological site.

The same day that I received my soup mix in the mail, I also got an order from Thailand with some clay Goddess figures.  One went perfectly with the soup.  What do you think?
So I went through my stash and pulled out a jasper donut, an ammonite, red jasper cabochon, copper earrings, old coins, and a art glass butterfly from my collection.  I also added copper and amber beads, some 6mm matte czech beads and, of course, seed beads.  For the neckpiece, I used copper beads and some wonderful sandalwood beads, which have a subtle scent that I think will become more pronounced as the necklace is worn. 

Here's the final product, which, I admit, I'm pretty excited and proud of:

That's some good soup!


  1. This piece is jaw dropping! Just stunning! you should be quite proud of yourself as it is crazy gorgeous!

  2. Love with a capital GIMMETHAT! Stunning piece, truly.

  3. Gorgeous...just the symmetry to your piece.

  4. Lovely - it is a perfect rendition of how you explained your inspiration. It does look like an archeological find... a treasure. Your use of color and texture is amazing it all dances and interacts so fluidly and has an ambiance that transports you in time - I love this piece!

  5. Someone is an overachiever! lol! Gorgeous work. I can't believe how amazing and detailed and textured that thing is. It has so many treasures! It also looks heavy....

  6. As always, your work just takes my breath away! There are simply no words to describe how incredible this piece is with all the vibrant colors and mix of different textures--a veritable feast for the senses :)