Sunday, December 23, 2012


"The making of art is no different than prayer."
Rainn Wilson
Diwali celebration
This is the energy I put into my art, my beadwork.  A prayer that each piece finds its wearer and enhances the beauty of its person whether that be through laughter or passion or self awareness.  That someone wants to dance - spin spin spin.  Or stand with their head held higher and their shoulders back, welcoming attention.  Celebrating the wonder of who they are, the jouissance, in the moment and in the process, in the fullest recognition of an arms wide open pleasure.

So often, we (and I mean both men and women, here) are taught to hide.  Hide behind the "you should" or "you can't."  We're taught lack.  Of control, of opportunity, of equality.  Ugh. That bcomes the overwhelming sense of life.  Ugh = the worry/fear/doubt.

When fear takes over, prayers become smaller.  You know what?  I don't want small prayers.  Because I equate prayer with the fulfillment of dreams.  I see something bigger for my life.  I know that I am meant to be of service, that I am meant for abundance.  The Divine has a plan for me that requires I move past worry/fear/doubt and welcome what comes to me with my arms wide open.

Can a piece of jewelry change the world?  Why not?


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