Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas at Wings (Stadium)

It's gonna be a busy weekend!
Wings Stadium, in Kalamazoo, turns into a major Arts & Craft venue the first weekend of every December.  And this year, BrisingBeads Design is part of the madness. 
This is just a glimpse of the crowd in 2010.  There's about 200 other vendors in the halls of the arena as well as in outbuildings.  Event is sponsored by EagleTakeFlight - or as I like to say, my cousin Bev.

Set up ran late last night.  But the booth looks beautiful.  We've worked hard on our creations and now surrender the beautiful to their new, loving homes.  Buy, shoppers!  Buy!  Fill those stockings and that space between the tree.

Very hopeful for this holiday season, as the money made will fund a trip to Quartzite, AZ in January.  Can you say - Bead Shows?

I'd cross my fingers but am hoping to use them to ring up sales and package jewelry for customers.


  1. Here's hoping you come back on Sunday night with stories of your creations flying out of your booth, being carried by excited buyers who know they've nabbed some treasures!

  2. Busy show! Whew! On Saturday, there were over 60,000 people at the show. Sunday, probably another 40,000. Steady sales all weekend - smaller items on Saturday, larger pieces on Sunday. Thank goodness for my Square!

    Running checks to the bank tonight, watching "Walking Dead" and off to bed. Tomorrow - Etsy marketing!