Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art Clips

Oh, Etsy.  Such a wonderful resource.

I went on an art clip binge last year.  Now that I've perfected how to put artwork under glass to use as focal pieces in my bead embroidery, I wanted a selection of art beyond public domain images.

During a recent shopping spree on Etsy, I found these art collage images. 
Magic Pug Digital Design
 And some Whimsical images
Land of Enchantment
Doing a general search for "digital art" or "art clips" or "collage art" uncovers dozens of vendors.  There's any style you might want.  Reasonable prices.  Angel policies (meaning that it's okay to use the images in my own work).  Easy to  download.  Fairly easy to edit.  (I use Print Shop, which allows me to crop images into shapes and sizes that fit my glass bevels.)
Art Cult
Design Diva Gifts
Sigh.  So much loveliness and inspiration.  Honestly, I have enough inspiration here to last three lifetimes.