Friday, January 25, 2013

Art Inspiration - Gustav Klimt

My love for spirals led me to Gustav Klimt.
Stoclet Freize - Mosaic
Oh, my.  Spirals and a mosaic.  I was hooked.  Then, right after I moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State, I walked into a thrift store and saw this:
"The Kiss"
The print was a 4' x 6' close-up of the faces.  Gorgeous!  I put it over my fireplace and it made me happy every time I walked into the room.  (Now, it's in my office at school.)

Eventually, I had to honor my love for Klimt with some jewelry pieces.
Klimt cuff.  Just a little wild.  The copper spirals add lots of movement.
And one of my favorite new pieces:
The texture in the necklace is inspired by all of the pattern in the painting.

For more information about Gustav Klimt, check out the online museum.


  1. I swear, I think we're kindred spirits! I'm in TOTAL love with that painting you purchased; there's just something about it that's so...enlightening :)

    I'm going to have to learn more about Gustav Klimt!

    Love both of your jewelry pieces, especially that necklace. Although you know I'm always smitten with your pieces ;)