Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Inspiration - Mucha

Alphonse Mucha has long inspired me as an artist.  Mucha captures women in a way that I find very beautiful - graceful, self-aware, strong, independent.  The colors, the mix of nature and the feminine = sigh.

As a bead artist, I wanted to be able to use Mucha's work as focal pieces in my jewelry.  This prompted me to come up with a way to place images behind glass.  It took a few years to manage this without fighting air bubbles or raggedy edges, but finally, success.
This is one of my favorite pieces that I've ever made.  Featuring a Mucha focal from his series Seasons, "Summer" accented by lots of pearls and embroidery.  Not my usual color palate, of pale blue and cream, but I think it suits the mood of the painting.
I also adore images with the moon.  Here, I mixed amazonite stars with blue and green embroidery, swirling around the Mucha image.  Love.
And, finally, there's this smoky quartz beauty.  She's so contemplative.  I wonder what she's thinking.

I have a few more Mucha images that are in my to-bead pile.  (You know.  That pile that never ends.)  
And this:
"Zodiac."  One of my all-time favorite images, because I think she looks like a Valkyrie.  I think this is the illustration that introduced me to Mucha, many years ago.  I suspect, when I finally get to making a necklace featuring this image, it'll remain mine.  :)

If you'd like more info on Mucha's work and life, check out the Mucha Foundation.  Great info on his life and art.


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  2. Skylar, I love that you have a favorite artist whose work you're able to represent in your jewelry! I'd love to make a Georgia O'Keefe pendant for myself one of these days. I love her stuff.

    By the way... why couldn't the artist make it to his exhibit?

    Because he couldn't make his Van Gogh. ;)

  3. Van Gogh.... :)

    You've been waiting for an opportunity to share this for quite awhile, huh?

    1. Funny thing is, I came up with it on the spot. I'm full of terrible puns.