Friday, February 22, 2013


Or, is it drusies?

Not sure.  Doesn't change the gorgeousness.

I mean, really. 
Dyed and natural druzy cabochons.
Sigh.  I am in LOVE with druzy.  The bumpy-ness.  The sparkle.  The colors.  The texture.  The naturalness.  The design possibilities.
Large natural druzies.
During my recent trip to Quartziste, AZ, I came across these cabs tucked away in a side room at SunWest Silver.  Instant love.  There were about 30 trays full - all different colors and sizes, dyed and un-dyed.  Very reasonable prices.

But my budget was stretched to the max from all the other bead shopping and I just didn't see how I'd manage to go home with some lovelies.
Medium sized cabs.  Check out the different colors.  The bumps.  The crystals.
During the visit to AZ, just as Jaynee and I were trying to figure out how to rob Peter (the light bill, cell phone bill, or groceries) to pay Paul (buy druzies!), my Ipad beeped with a message from Etsy.  A wonderful customer (Myra - thank you!) had just purchased three necklaces.  Joy and jubilation!
Druzy money!  

Love love love love love.


  1. Oh, those are gorgeous! I share your love of druzy. In fact, I was *this close* to being Druzy Floozy instead of Saturday Sequins. ;)

    I love that you had all those sales so you could buy your sparklies!

    1. Sarah, you are no floozy. Though I've never seen you around the druzy...

  2. Timing is everything and sometimes it actually works to your advantage :-) Yay for the sales so you could come home with these beauties! I like them any which way but am partial to their natural colors. Enjoy the creativity they will bring you!

    1. So apparently, the kittens share my love of druzy, as one of the stones for a new project is missing from my desk. Thieves!

  3. You know the first piece you make with one of these will have to be named "Myra", right? These are all so sumptuous, but I'm particularly drawn to the one in the top right corner of the last photo -- that deep ruby red, the sparkle, the really cool bump in the middle...I cannot wait to see what you make with these!

  4. Yes! There will definitely be a "Myra" necklace made out of one of these.