Friday, March 1, 2013

What I Learned From Cat-napping

I'm sick again.  Just in time for spring break.  So a nap was in order.  With the cats, since when I'm not in my bed, it becomes theirs.  (I was only vaguely aware of this rule.  Apparently, it is strictly enforced during the winter months.)

While sleeping with cats (5, on rotation), I learned:
1.  The sun spot really is the best spot.  It's warm.  And makes sparkles behind one's closed eyes. 

2.  Cats don't judge.  (Unless you wiggle.)  Snoring is not frowned upon.  Rhea snores regularly.  Loudly.  This is not considered a disruption to sleep in the cat world, but rather a higher volume purring.  (Purring = an invitation for Samuel to come sleep on the chest that you already can barely move in and out for air.)
Rhea = the enforcer.  The physical size of a 6 month old kitten.  The attitude of a lion king.

3.  If you're in the bed, you agree to snuggle with whomever shows up.  I woke up to Rhea with one paw flung over Sparky's back (best buddies).  When I woke up next, Sam was snuggled at my feet, with this long black tail draped over Rhea's butt (making up for her lack of tail, I presume) and Rosie snuggled in the pillows by my head.  Ricky, the recluse, slept on my desk chair, one eye open.

4, Cat naps are NOT under-rated.  While I don't feel 100% yet, I do think I'll make it through the next few hours before I can go back to bed. 
Sparky, in his usual cat-nap spot, the back of my chair.  He makes a good head warmer.
5. Dogs are not allowed.  Period.  Dogs must whine from the cold floor.  :)  Sorry, Heather.

6.  Food and the bathroom are the only reasonable reasons to leave the bed in winter.  Especially if there is a sun spot.

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