Monday, April 29, 2013

Art Inspiration - Tye Dye

Colorful pieces from Purple Cactus
Really.  What's not to love?  Tye dye results in wild color combinations.  And patterns.  And fun.  These polymer cabochons/pendants from Purple Cactus are perfect examples.

I'm calling these tye dye, because of the swirls of color.  But really, I'm just as inspired by the spirals as the colors.

I tend to hoard these babies.  Crazy, because really, if I use them, it's only an excuse to buy more.  And more is good.
Turquoise fun bracelet - 2012

More is necessary, when it's this much fun.


  1. LOVE these! I'd have been too timid to wear them in my 20's -- silly me. Now that I've, um, ripened a bit, I realize the joy of letting your exuberence shine for others to see.

  2. Wow, those cabs are gorgeous!!! They make me wish I had some clay to play with. :)

  3. I just changed my closet around from winter clothes to spring/summer, and realized how much tie dye I have. Almost embarrassed. But I love the colors too much...

    And the cabs, truly wonderful. (Must. stop. hoarding. 'em.)