Friday, April 12, 2013


Adulthood has WAY too many rules.

As I drove home today, in the rain, I realized that it's been years since I played in the rain.  As a kid, this was something my brothers and I did on occasion.  Like running through the sprinkler.  We'd laugh and scream and the whole neighborhood knew we were having fun.  Playing, with no holds barred.

Once, as an adult (36. maybe 37), I walked out of the casino where I was employed in Las Vegas into a downpour.  It was one of those rare the-sky-is-falling rainstorms that the desert can produce, when the streets flood up to 18" in a matters of minutes and turn into (very dirty) rivers.  I had a choice.  I could wait the storm out in the safety of the casino, along with most of the other staff and customers.  Or, I could try and dodge the raindrops and puddles to make it to the parking garage across the street.  Or, I could enjoy the downpour and play my way home.

I had so much fun!  Stomping through puddles.  Raising my head to the sky, feeling the rain on my face. And, you know what?  It was infectious.  Other people laughed, or at least smiled.  By the time I got to my car, I was soaked.  But I would have been, anyway.  The difference - I had FUN!  I felt lighter, freer, truer to myself.

I don't want to go another 10+ years before I feel like that again.  I want to LIVE my life with that sense of joy and play, all the time.

How do you engage in play?

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more; adulthood has so many rules and a lot of the time the stresses and trials can bring you down. That's truly when we need our inner children the most! I'm lucky enough to be very connected to my inner child. LOL

    I, too, LOVE playing in the rain when we get those good downpours. I make forts. I color with crayons. I watch cartoons. Some people make fun of me for embracing my inner child, but I've noticed those are the people who need to embrace theirs the most!