Friday, April 19, 2013


Better known as Works In Progress.

Slow progress, since it's the last week of classes at the end of a semester at the end of a really really long academic year.  But progress none the less.
Here's what is in my general queue.  Doesn't look like much, huh?  I'm noticing all the browns - leftovers colors from the non-ending Michigan winter, I think.

The above pile is also small because here are two bigger projects, just waiting for the finishing touches which I should be able to manage tonight or tomorrow.
Lovely, huh?  The piece in the background, "The Drummer," is a special order for a favorite customer.  I'm adding bells and red jasper fringe to this piece.  I have no idea how to finish off the Fortune Teller.  Garnets, maybe.  And a tassel, to add a bit of movement.

Most of the action is happening here, however.  On my other towel.  (I use flat weave kitchen towels for my bead mats.  Easy to clean in the washer when they get covered with glue and/or dirt from beads.  Handy to fold around projects and set out of kitty-reach.)
I'm working on LOTS of small pieces for my summer art shows.  Many of these are less than 2 inches in size, most around one inch.  Pieces that are easy to put a bail on and hang from ribbons and/or cords.  Or, can be turned into magnets or added to key rings.  

I find pieces this size are often "starter" bead embroidery pieces, easy introductions to the beauty and possibility of beadwork.

One of my major summer shows this year will be the local LGBT Pride celebration.  I haven't done a Pride show in many years (since one in Las Vegas, in which one of my beaded bras was worn by the Queen heading the parade) but I'm so looking forward to the fun and the music and the celebration of love.

Now, if only I can turn all those art glass cabochons into jewelry...


  1. loving all the eye candy here! all beauties! and am smiling at the thought of the Queen wearing your beaded bra. all i can think of is "THAT'S MY BRA!!! THAT'S MY BRA!!!"

  2. Ohhhh, so many fun things in the works! I love the big necklaces, and I'm super excited that you'll be making pieces for the Pride show. Hey, do you have any photos of the bra? Would love to see it. :)

    1. I'm hoping there's photos stashed away in the garage, along with some bras I did years ago. If not, maybe this summer, I'll play with making some more. :)

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