Friday, May 3, 2013

Art Inspriation - Fairies

I learned a long time ago not to piss off the fairies.  Even if you don't believe that fairies exist (I do believe.  I do believe), it's best to act as if.
Midsummer's Fairy - Edward Robert Hughes
Once upon a time, when the smashed fairy books were popular, I made fun of fairies.  Silly me.  My treasures began to go missing, mysteriously ending up in flower pots on the patio.  When a then-friend asked the fairies for money, my checkbook went missing.  Then, my credit card went missing.

The fairies that schooled (tortured) me did not look like the sweet fairy below:
Fairy - Sophie Gengembre Anderson
 But more like this, with pointy mosquito spears and rose thorns:
Mean fairy -
To make amends, I had to swear not to take a fairy's name in vain for a whole year.  And leave them beer or a wine cooler in the garden at least once during the summer.  I even put a reminder placard in the garden, saying "Don't Piss Off the Fairies," for other disrespectful (un-informed) souls.

Every spring, I try to do the fairies justice by making them a piece of jewelry.
Fairy necklace - 2010
This year, I found these clay piece to use as focals in my fairy necklace:
I'm planning on bright colors mixed with a bit of pastel.  And greens.  Maybe some dragonflies and butterflies.  Some lampwork, even. 

Of course, if I keep playing "Ant Smasher" on the Ipad, I may find myself too pestered to bead.  Did you know that ants and fairies are cousins?


  1. I can't wait to see what you make! There is a fine line between diversion and avoidance. One reason I started beading again was to get myself away from the computer. Hahahaha, that was before I found the wonderful bead blogging community. It's definitely a dual edged sword. Inspiration everywhere, but also the temptation to just look at one more blog before I pick up the beads. A toast to the fairies!

  2. Hi Liz! Huzzah, to the fairies, indeed. Yesterday, the house was invaded by big black ants. So, last night I started the first of two fairy necklaces. Penance. :)