Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspiration - Art Magazines

I am a reformed magazine addict.  Mostly due to time and money - limited resources for both.  But I have a few favorites that I buy on a regular basis.

For the past few years, I've been hooked on magazines that feature studios.  I've always been a design nut, reading decorating magazines, playing with design in my house and my garden.  I think the interest in design is what developed my sense of color, of placement, of mix and match.  Breaking the rules, even.  Beading allowed me to play with these skills. 

I'm loving these magazines:

These magazines feature all sorts of art studios, with artists of many different mediums.  As someone who loves layers and colors and texture and organization, I love seeing how other artists live in their creative space.  Someday, I will have a dedicated studio space again (please!) (and an office to write in, please!), but until then, I have these magazines.  And all of the ideas and inspirations included.

 This special feature magazine is another favorite.  A room of flowers?  Oh, I am so there!  But beyond the flowers, there's texture and color mixes and accents of "stuff."  All the makings of a good collage.

For art inspiration, I have two go-to magazines.  I've read these for years (15, maybe) and they never fail to inspire.  American Style covers all mediums, from all over the United States.  The Best-Of series are fabulous, as are the studio and art show round-ups.  The magazine also features home art collections.  Amazing.  Ornament was the first art magazine that I ever picked up.  It's gorgeous features are always stunning.  This magazine shaped the way I looked at beads, when I first began beading over 20 years ago - that beads are a global connection, through the making and the using.  This magazine, more than any other, helped me see what I was doing with beads as art, not craft.

I rarely spend money on beading magazines.  I'll flip through them at the local magazine shop (if you have a local magazine shop, please please please purchase your magazines here, rather than a big box store!), but, frankly, I find the contents repetitive.  Maybe it's because I've never worked from a kit or taken a class and am horrible at following directions.  Maybe it's because of the contradictory policies of certain magazines (Bead and Button).  Maybe it's because I can see what other artists are working on through blogs and Pinterest and Facebook, without the hundreds of ads.

This is not to say that beading magazines aren't great venues for attracting attention to bead artists!  But too often, publication in a magazine acts as a marker of success, to which I say, Nah.  Or, that's only one marker.  For me, the journey is in growing as an artist, in continuing to design, to integrate techniques and mediums.  Mostly, to play.

'Cause, if you're doing what you love, success will follow.  (And, you get to define "success" however you want to.)

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