Friday, May 10, 2013

Inspiration - The Pleasant Ave Park

Otherwise known as:  the garden that is my backyard.

Red bleeding heart
 Just look at those subtle shades of pink and red, set off by the white and yellow.  Perfect bead design example.

Mini irises. 
 These little irises started out as a teeny tiny clump, left over from whoever used to garden in my yard.  Every year, they spread a bit more.  They only last a few days, but that shading of violet, of umbre blues... and again with the white and yellow accent.  Seems like nature knows there needs to be contrast for a "pop," to set a design off.

One of about 500 tulips.  Really.
Maybe it's my Dutch heritage (all four grandparents come from the Netherlands), but I'm a sucker for tulips.  Not my favorite flower, but definitely in my top 5.  Especially since you bury bulbs in the fall and then, after waiting all winter,  this beauty arrives.  We have tulips in lots of colors, but this purply-pink is a favorite.
The shading of colors stuns me.  And, maybe explains why I love beads, since seed beads is the only medium I've found that allows shading like this.  Tiny detail.  And the mix of translucent and opaque.  (Don't you just love those words?)

Jaynee's necklace - a perfect example of translucent and opaque, with some druzies added for good measure.

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  1. Your Garden must provide endless inspiration. The colors, the shapes, the beauty. I always thought Bleeding Hearts would make fantastic jewelry. The necklace you made is Gorgeous ~ all the colors shading in and out of each other!