Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WIPs, complete.

I have to share, 'cause I love love love how these turned out.

"The Drummer" - special order for a special customer.

"Fortune Teller" sold to the same special customer
I've said before that I'm not a big fan of fringe.  Mostly 'cause doing fringe on a necklace makes me swear when the thread gets tangled around the fringe.  But I think I'll be playing more with fringe, because really, these necklaces would be nothing without the added embellishment.

Note:  those bells on "Drummer" are where I got my start in beading.  Making lacy patterned ankle bells.  Hundreds of them.  Hundreds.  They sounded pretty and sold very well, but hundreds...
Now, I only make them for a special occasion. As a gift.  Thank you for your support, Karin.  :)


  1. Gorgeous! I looked closely before I read and squealed at the bells~the thought of the slight sound they will make~and then the red daggers! I adore fringe of any type and was giddy to see it on both pieces. But the necklaces would be very substantial and beautiful, even without the fringe. The fringe doesn't deserve all the credit ;-)

  2. stunning..! both are beautiful but my favorite is the first neclace...love it very much..!

  3. Wow, both pieces are gorgeous!!! I love the combination of red and brown -- it reminds me of chocolate ice cream with cherries on top.

    Great work!

    Also, thanks for your comment on my blog post. I'd love some felt scraps -- that would be awesome! Maybe I can make Barbie a felt cheeseburger. ;)

  4. Beautiful, both are stunning. I have to agree on fringe but lately it has appealed to me, sometimes it is so necessary!

  5. I love, love, love them, too! What fabulous pieces for a lucky woman to wear (and jingle ever so subtly through her day).