Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beaded Collage Necklace

Recently, a friend posted a picture of this early creation on Facebook.
"Victoria" - circa 1992
It's nice to see that it's held up so well.  And is still being enjoyed by Ms. Ronnie Fabre, friend and singer extraordinaire.

When I started doing bead embroidery over twenty years ago, I called them collage necklaces.  I  was living in Vegas and had access to excellent thrift stores.  Quality jewelry was still available at estate and thrift stores.  I could find blingy rhinestone pieces for reasonable prices.

I didn't have a large stash of beads back then.  In some ways, I think this forced me to be more creative.


  1. A blast from the past! Early 90's and looking oh so great. I bet seeing that piece just brought back the memories.

  2. It did, Liz. and I'm really happy with how well the beadwork is holding up!