Monday, June 3, 2013

Myra's Gift

Myra's Gift - now on Etsy
This past January, I was lucky enough to go to Quartzite, AZ for the gem shows.  (Here's the link to that adventure.) Oh, so much fun. On one of the last days there, Jaynee and I found these gorgeous natural druzy cabochons, at Sunwest Silver.  So unique. Stunning shades of gray and brown and sparkles. Breath-taking. We went through trays and trays of them, even though the budget was maxed out.

And then, when we needed it most, an Etsy sale! Whoo-hoo. Now we had money to spend, to bring home some of these treasures. So, Myra, this necklace is in your honor. :)

Close up of that gorgeous druzy!

I stuck with the desert theme, mixing seed beads in shades of the rising sun over the red mountains in the Quartzite area. I added crystal points for the amazing energy. 

I'm really happy with how this turned out.


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  1. this is a real beauty! great colors and flow to the design. Earthy and a statement :-)