Monday, July 29, 2013


My friend Ronnie loves her bling.  Especially BrisingBeads bling.  :)  When she asked for a "colorful" necklace for her birthday, I broke out the sparkle.

The fabulous Ronnie Fabre!
I've had a music note focal stashed for quite a while, so I added this in amongst the bling.  I think it makes a nice touch, don't you?

Bling detail

Overall, I think outlining all of the colorful cabs helps define each one.

I added short fringe in spots, for some extra texture.

The best thing about this necklace?  It made a friend happy.  :)


  1. Ronnie is lovely, and so is the necklace -- each one brings out the sparkle in the other. :)

    Making things for friends is pretty cool, isn't it? I made Mr. Sequin a beaded ring two years ago, and he wears it all the time. (Except in summer, when his fingers swell up like sausages.)

  2. Superb work, my friend! Love the textures and the colors and it looks fantastic on Ronnie. <3

  3. I love the treble clef and the musical notes! They are so perfect for that necklace because it actually sings with gorgeous color. I can almost hear the song, but it's a bit outside my decibel range. I bet it's a lively number that gets people up and dancing reflecting the joy in all that beauty. It looks perfect on Ronnie.

    1. Ronnie is a singer/Vegas performer, as well as a music teacher, so that's the inspiration. But I love your comment that the piece "sings with color." How lovely, Liz. :)